Do you remember ………. ???


The bond fires before the big Abington football game.

Dutch Lehman always knowing what was going on.

The Diner located at York and Church Roads.

Chuck Wagon at York  and Church Roads

The Football games on Friday afternoons.

The dances on the high school plaza.

The sunken gyms in the high school.

Excused absences for swimming

Pecan Wheels at Toddle House

The Hot Shop on Broad Street

Parking at Curtis Arboretum

Horn & Hardarts restaurants

Hustle Inn near Doylestown

Green Arrow on Route One

Atlantic City after the Prom

Honking under the bridge

“Meet me in the Lobby”

Friday night sock hops

5 cents for Tastycakes

The Linton restaurants

Ben Franklin’s 5 & 10

King Cole Restaurant

Pauline and Eddy’s

Yorktowne Theater

Rizzos in Glenside

“No Jeans Allowed”

Susans Drug store

Farbers Drug store

Grosgrain Ribbons

Roast the Ghosts

Glenside Theater

Sunken Gardens

Littleton’s Diner

E.J. Korvettes

Calico Kitchen

Penny Loafers

Lee’s Hoagies

Erlen Theater

Chuck Wagon

Village Store

Lynne Lanes

T-Bird Lanes

Teased Hair

Bomb Drills

Ironed Hair

Circle pins





The Flip