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To the Alumni Association,

  I recently came across your webpage while trying to find the zip code for CHS.  After I read through it I wanted to update your roll of those who served.  Due to my own apathetic behavior I had a hard time at CHS, graduating after an extra semester in Jan of 1994.  Thirteen days later I was at the Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot is South Carolina, I have been serving on active duty ever since.  It has been almost 14 years, and I just wanted to share my story.

  The Marines taught me many things that I could have learned at CHS--had I listened.  Hard work, determination, values, ethics and morals--these were things that Gen-X wasn't paying attention to and I was surely one of them.  As a young Marine I was stationed around the world--I moved 4 times in five years, advancing in rank meritoriously up to the rank of Sgt in 1999 when I was selected for an Officer Commissioning program and returned to Pennsylvania to attend PennState at the main campus full time for 3 years. In my time in college I was made painfully aware of how I should have been paying better attention to the classes I was taking in high school, not just to the girls who were in them. Despite how difficult I made it on myself I graduated PSU in 2002 with a B.A in Psychology and a B.A. in the Administration of Justice.  My wife, Tiffany Kang Hoffner, a graduate of Springfield H.S. (I know, I married a Spartan...) also graduated from PSU, a year behind me.

  After my initial Marine Officer training at Quantico, VA I was selected as an Intelligence Officer and served first with the Second Marine Air Wing in Cherry Point, NC.  I spent most of 2005 I deployed to Afghanistan with a Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron. After that I transferred to Ft Meade, MD where I now serve as a Company Commander for Lima Company, Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion.  In the Spring I have volunteered to deploy to Iraq.  I will be enjoying the holidays with family and preparing to go right after the new year.  I just wanted to make note of what's been going on with me.  Every so often my parents would get the newsletter at my home address in Cheltenham, where my Dad retired as a police detective.  They moved last year, and I hadn't gotten a newsletter in some time.  Feel free to add me to your e-mail newsletters, its always good to hear about alumni.


Semper Fidelis,

Capt John J. Hoffner

Company L Commander, MCSB, Ft George G. Meade MD

Comm (410)-854-1110/1111